Constant Deviants – Omerta


Constant Deviants – Omerta

Un album concept de malade à découvrir de toute urgence, comme à son habitude le label Six2Six nous offre un groupe au top avec un concept street de dingue. Constant Deviants est une association comme il y a en a peu… Formation Italo/Russe les Mc’s envoient du lourd. Je vous invite à écouter Omerta pour vous plonger dans la street New yorkaise.

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Constant Deviants -Omerta

Emcee M.I. and producer DJ Cutt return a year after releasing the critically acclaimed “Avant Garde” with a new album and concept. The duo who have further developed their creative enterprises to incorporate film production as part of their ever expanding Six2Six organization have drawn from their respective Italian and Russian heritages to adopt the personas of Luciano and Lansky in the new album “Omerta” out on 28th June. Describing the approach, M.I. explains “It’s to put a little of the fun back into hip hop, not just throwing out beats and bars. A return to the days where the focus was on entertainment, relating imaginative stories and putting more emphasis on actual songwriting.”

 Constant Deviants -OmertaThemed releases in hip hop have precedents in the shape of the Prince Paul classic “A Prince Among Thieves”, Kool Keith’s “Tashan Dorsett” and Little Brother’s “The Minstrel Show”, and “Omerta” follows in this tradition. The 13 tracks are a series of vignettes set in a metaphorical criminal underworld They depict familiar times, events and cultural reference points as a formula for conveying parallel meaning. Such imagery has been used by rappers for decades, eager to portray a glorified vision of themselves, but M.I. is a man on a different mission, adding “I’m not endorsing a lifestyle or suggesting this is who I am in any literal sense. I wanted to address this subject in a more intelligent way, compare mindsets and situations in a broader dynamic.“ Having acted in the movies “Swiss Banks” and the forthcoming “Six2Six” which co-stars Treach, Syleena Johnson and Chief Rocker Busy Bee, role playing within the context of an album release is a consistent extension of M.I.’s creative expression.

The group’s long established fanbase will recognize in “Omerta” their trademark sound rooted in the traditional idea of “two turntables and a microphone”, as displayed in last year’s “3Stylez” video series and to be followed by the upcoming “Tre Volte” series. DJ Cutt’s expertize in blending samples, original recordings and turntablism has been acknowledged since the group’s classic debut “Competition Catch Speed Knots” and earlier work with Roc-A-Fella Records. His use of jazzy breaks, funk, rock, soul and electronica provides a perfect atmospheric backdrop. As M.I. moves through the decades to set the next drama, Cutt’s accompanying beats suggest a flavour of the time while remaining undeniably hip hop in nature. M.I.’s unmistakeable cadence acts as the narrative throughout the sonic screenplays. In each track he juxtaposes his own experiences simultaneously with those of a series of characters, drawing comparisons to the hussle of an independent artist and label boss for the past 20 years. The machinations of the music industry are pulled into sharper focus as is the street knowledge required to earn from his chosen career. This is a master of his craft at work, effortlessly switching up imagery and operating in lyrical layers deeper than Inception. “GTFOH” is an open challenge by a tradesman to apprentices reinforced by the “Al Capone of the Microphone” in “Newspaper Man” while issues of respect, entrapment, loyalty and survival are reflected in “So Underrated”, “Make My Bones” and “DeLorean”.

With expert marksman Luciano kicking the verbal ballistics aided and abetted by Lansky’s musical ammunition, these couple of hip hop goodfellas have once again produced in “Omerta” some piece of work. Tu chiedi, e questo una cosa bellissima? Forget about it…. “Omerta” releases on vinyl, CD and digital formats worldwide on 28th June 2016

TRACKLIST (All tracks produced by DJ Cutt)

2 – Newspaper Man
3 – Bada Bing
4 – So Underrated
5 – Plata O Plomo
6 – I-95
7 – Make My Bones
8 – Sparks Steakhouse
9 – Delorean
10 – Fuklinski
11 – Reign Storms
12 – Untitled
13 – We Up Tho

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