John Wize and Mic Audio – EP « Reagan »

John Wize and Mic Audio - EP

Une petite douceur offerte par John Wize and Mic Audio, vous pouvez savourer sans modération ce Ep avec des prods juste somptueuses, dont une dont nous connaissons bien le sample sur In The Mood.

Stay In The Mood

About the Album:

John Wize’s choice of Soul and Jazz filled samples, play a perfect fit for Mic Audio’s level of lyricism. Together, both Detroit natives, musically blend those old school funk sounds, and gritty street influenced lyrics for a project, that’s dope enough to call « Reagan ».

Stream the full project via Bandcamp and grab your copy at the link below.

About John Wize and Mic Audio :

John Wize and Mic Audio - EP "Reagan"Blxck Rxyxlty Ent Presents John Wize and Mic Audio. Two Detroit artists, who’ve known each other since the early 2000’s. Making tracks together by the late 2000’s. With John Wize on the MPC and Mic Audio behind the pen, they plan to create a new wave of Detroit Hip-Hop by bringing back that old School meets New Era feel.

Find John Wize and Mic Audio here:

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