Sean Valy – Shadows & Blue Skies


Sean Valy nous livre un Ep, plus qu’agréable à écouter. Tout droit de Philadelphie avec son flow maitrisé et des beats frais ce ep ce déguste avec plaisir. Free dowload ou donnez du love à votre guise.

Stay In The Mood

Formerly known as « Kid Sean », Sean Valy comes into the new year with a refreshing 6 song EP « Shadows & Blue Skies » After much hype over the Outsane EP, Sean continues to put his creativeness into making the best sounding records he possibly can. With lyricism at an all time high, this 6 song EP is sure to capture the ears of real hip hop heads and music fans all around.

Check out the EP and grab your copy below.

About Sean Valy :

Sean Valy - Shadows & Blue SkiesSean Patrick aka Sean Valy is a 22 year old rap artist from the Suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. He formally is known as Kid Sean and has been creating music for over 6 years. since 2010, Sean has put out various projects including his most anticipated EP, Outsane (available on iTunes) which was a collaborative project with New Jersey Native Keith Science and partner Kev Kill aka BASA. Sean continues to constantly put out new work in an effort for his voice to be heard. follow Sean on his social medias and website,

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Sean Valy – Shadows & Blue Skies